Friday, October 29, 2010

Etsy shop and Knitted Queen Anne Style dolls

I've decided to start an Etsy shop. I'm not sure what I'll put in it but some of it will be dolls and dragons. Like everything it will need to be organised: my downfall. I shall link the blog to the shop and keep people informed of new stuff in the shop.

I have been looking at some wonderful things on other people's blogs and in their shops, so inspiring!
At the moment I am in love with Queen Anne style dolls from several centuries ago. There seems to be a resurgance of interest in them and some people are making gorgeous replicas or modern takes on them.

To join in I am busy designing a knitted version, no one else seems to be doing that.

This is my first attempt , the poor naked thing. I think I will dress her in fabric clothes rather than knitted.

I am now making a second version who will be dressed in black as she is in mourning. I will post her up when she is ready along with this lady when she has some finery on.

Izannah Walker style cloth dolls

I have also been looking at some cloth dolls I did some time ago. They are painted to look like early cloth dolls, Izannah Walker inspired dolls. Izannah was a 19th centruy cloth doll maker in America. She patented her dolls I believe.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still October

More pictures:
Anime boy

Two cloth boudoir girls, getting pretty old now, want to do some more though.

I used to do a lot of dragons.

Gothic girl in tricorn hat

October already

Where has the time gone? Too much to do.

Have finished the manuscript for Textiles: a history to be published next year by Pen & Sword, or rather their imprint, Remember When.

Have sent off my sample knitted vampire to Search Press (got to keep her under wraps). Knitted Fairies has been proofed, can't wait for it to come out, the pictures are beautiful.

Gorgeous, isn't she?

What else have I been doing? Oh yes, I am putting in a proposal to do do a PhD in Creative Practise at UNE, Armidale. I'm so excited about this, hope the idea is accepted. Waiting for more feed back and that is always a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

Drawings: another pen drawing in progress: