Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Year's Resolution

I do not believe my last blog post was so long ago. My New Year's Resolution will be to keep up to date with my blog.

And I didn't even blog about my new book: Gothic Knits published by the ever wonderful Search Press UK.

I'm so thrilled with the way it looks. It is available on or Amazon UK or Search Press UK. I can't wait to see someone knit one up. It was a really fun book to do.

I've just finished writing my social and cultural look at 1920s Britain and my brain is still rather stuck in that era. I was able to draw on family for this book too which made it really special. not sure when it is coming out but it is being published with Pen&Sword Books UK.

I did find some drawings I did when I was about 18 and I thought they didn't look too bad at all.

Makes me think I should do some more in this style. 

I've also been developing some medieval style dolls based on dolls from the period. It is a tricky thing to do: balance a 21st century aesthetic and playability with authenticity.

I have designed some knitted versions as well. There is no evidence for or against knitted dolls having existed in the middle ages. There are no examples known but then there are no cloth dolls either but there is no doubt they existed. Knitting was practised widely back then, usually stockinette in the round. Intricated patterns were knitted into socks and vests so it is certainly plausible that a mother may have fashioned a child's toy from left over yarn.

I'm hoping to be selected to have a doll stall at the Abbey Medieval Festival in July this year. The festival is held at the Abbey Muesum in Caboolture, near Brisbane. My son is with a re-enactor group that goes there every year. You have to dress up in authentic costume to participate. Fingers crossed.