Monday, June 27, 2011

Mr Kettley

This is Mr Kettley. He is getting old now but he is still one of my favourite pieces. His head is made from an old plastic electric kettle, his body is cloth over wire armature and his features are painted in oil paint. His mouth is a collage of fish.

When our kettle died I looked at this large lump of stuff that was only fit for landfill and my heart sank, what a waste! Since Mr Kettley I have collected other dead plastic kettles with the intention of turning them into something other than terrible waste. When I have time I shall show more results.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

caravan under construction

Just the right sized box for frouf slim dolls to go adventuring in.

Doiley Birds' Caravan

While I was walking the dogs in the Pine Forest yesterday I realised that what the Doiley Birds needed most of all was a gypsy caravan to have adventures in. I knew I had the perfect box.
This is Tilly, she is the first Doiley Bird and she is the one helping me build the caravan. We had thought it should keep its cardboard box origins showing but have since decided a real, brightly painted caravan would be even better.
The Doiley Birds are going to launch their own blog very soon and will post photos of their journey as well as telling about their daring exploits.