Friday, March 30, 2012

Ghost Doll and Jasper

I've just received this, the cover for my first work of published fiction. Ghost Doll and Jasper is a graphic/illustrated novel for children aged 8-12 years. I prefer to think of it as an illustrated novel rather than a graphic novel because it will have blocks of text rather than the normal comic book style of many graphic novels.

I think the design team at SkyPony Press have done a wonderful job and I can't wait to buy this lovely book and have it on my shelf (even though I did write and draw it myself).

Of course I would never have got to this point in my writing career if I had not stumbled across my lovely, brilliant (not to mention beautiful) literary agent, Isabel Atherton of Creative Authors, UK.

I found her agency listed in the UK Writers' and Illustratotrs' Year Book (2009?) and have never looked back. We began with a knitted doll book and quickly got signed up for three more as well as four history books. I have been so busy at times I have trouble thinking (except about books). It has been a wonderful time in my life and am hoping it will just keep expanding.

Well done Isabel, Julie and the team from SkyPony and well done me.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Novel Programme

This is my first  contribution to a blog on novel writing.

Here are two of my latest cloth dolls. I'm trying to distill the essence of a classic rag doll: simplicity, friendliness and personality. Next week a couple of them are going to the shop at NERAM (New England Regional Art Museum) to see whether anyone wants to buy them. I'm also sending a knitted goth doll and a knitted fairy doll and one lonely little Doiley Bird.

I would still dearly love my own toy shop with rooms out the back for giving workshops. Unfortunately commercial rent in Armidale is not affordable. Little shops open up and fold within 6 months because the rent is so high and they can never get ahead. It seems ridiculous in a town as small as ours to have so many empty shops.

Perhaps I will still get my virtual shop up and running in the near future.

I'm half way through my Babes in the Wool little sister, stayed tuned.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Doll

Two views of a newly commissioned doll. She is a fairy made for a little girl going into hospital to have her tonsils out. She is a different pattern to those in my Knitted Fairies book, she is taller for a start and perhaps more regal.

Stay tuned for the appearance of a little sister for the Babes in the Wool fashion dolls, she is on her way.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Time for some pictures

I thought it was time for some visuals. These are seven miniatures I did in about 2006 for a project at TAFE where I was doing a graphic arts course. I've always been very happy with them. They sold at the end of year exhibition. Think I should do some more.

I've got some cloth dolls I must photograph and post as well, I've either been too busy or too lazy.
I must say it is so easy to get hooked on browsing other people's blogs and seeing all the marvelous things they are making.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The third instalment is posted
The third instalment of the Diary of the Last Person on Earth is ready for viewing