Sunday, March 10, 2013

Too long away

Hi everybody. Apologies for so long between postings. One thing that put me off was the unresponsiveness of blogspot. It was just not working.

Also my apologies to the lovely person who left a comment asking a question which I have neglected to answer, I will do so today.

Can I claim to have been too busy to post? Well, I have been busy but I should have been posting too.

We finally got Granny Fi's Toy Cupboard open and have a lovely shop front in Uralla, just south of Armidale in New South Wales, Australia. Here is the facebook link:
 We sold out of dragons in the first week and I am still trying to fill orders.

The dragons have been so popular that we have decided to host a dragon extravaganza in early April, complete with dragon cave, hopefully.

Then, I have also been finishing my latest book, a history of graffiti for SkyHorse publishing in New York. And this is the link to the website.

Lots more to tell but if I don't post this now it won't get done.