Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sunday is a large pastel. I began several years ago but only finished it early last year. I love groups of women not interacting with each other. There is tension but not open antagonism. I wonder what this says about my relationship with the females in my family? No, I can't say it's autobiographical.
The dolls' argument is acrylic on canvas. It isn't finished but I'm loath to get rid of the sketchiness of it. I must have painted this in 2007 I think.

These two charcoal drawings were done way back in 1990. I did them after a trip to the NT. We stopped at the Hermansburg mission and I did sketches of some of the buildings there. I've used the architecture in these two drawings.

I haven't looked at these images for ages but find them not too bad at all. I should build on this dark theme of solitary figures in ruined buildings.

I've been looking at so many exciting art works recently. I feel inspired. I'm going to put in for the Sculpture by the sea show and I've an idea for the Blake. I'm determined to re awaken my art career and ditch the teaching.

I'm going to post more pics, some might be duplicates but as I'm the only person who looks at this blog, too bad!

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Carol said...

I just discovered your blog today and will be looking at it from now on. I want to buy your book, Babes in the Wool. I like the idea of women not interacting with each other. (funny) They must all be introverts.