Friday, January 29, 2010

Babes in the Wool

Babes in the Wool, my first craft title, will be released in May this year. I am so thrilled with the look of it. I can't believe I made those gorgeous creatures.
Search Press, UK, have my knitted fairies book as coming out in April and my Aliens in June.

Babes is listed on Amazon and Creative Authors (my literary agents: ) has links to it.


Beattie said...

Fantastic Fiona! Well done, the book looks fabulous! Are you launching anywhere in Australia?

david said...

Hi Fiona, Di has just shown me your books, just amazing, you are an inspiration to us all and I recall one of my favourite quotes ‘Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.’ (goethe)......and you have done it! congratulations. david henderson (bec)

Patrice said...

I recently purchased Babes in the Wool and am now feverishly working on what I have decided will be Christmas presents. The outfits are so very adorable. I have a plan to make matching purses for the recipients. I fear I am biting off more than I can chew, but am most pleased with the results so far. I am saving the faces for last and hope that it is not very time consuming. If so, there may be dolls without faces being wrapped and an IOU. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

Anonymous said...

Love this book. Am on my second doll. I'm having trouble with the sweater on page 33. Are there corrections, or is it me?

Fiona McDonald said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like the dolls. Unfortunately there are some mistakes in the book and the sweater is one of them. You can either email me: or go to Ravelry's Fiona McDonald fan club (blush, blush) and there are lots of good tips there. Would love to see some pictures.

Anonymous said...

Awsome doll patterns!!! How about making a crocheted version? I've been trying to but I have so far been using worsted weight yarn. I guess I should try smaller yarn. The hair and eyes would be fine the same but then the cloths would have to be crocheted too.

Angela Struyk said...

I just finished knitting one of your dolls from Babes in the Wool. She's beautiful. One tip...I used foam pipe insulator tubing for the neck and it worked amazingly well. Thanks. Look forward to making a few of these!

Anonymous said...

I.m on my first doll started with miranda need help with hair don,t know what i.m doing help

Dolls- dockor- Puppen- puppee- påpusi. said...

Thank You for your gifts of free patterns, now I will have the books to, You do such a great work!!!! Köszönöm szepen!= thank YOU!
in Hungarian. Ildiko Marija.

loraine phelan said...

Hi just bought book, but don't really want to put toilet roll in doll, would this make any difference if I didn't do this.


Anonymous said...

Just bought the book babes In wool and I very notice you use toilet rolls or rolled up cardboard, I'm not sure if I will do this. Would this a difference.


Fiona McDonald said...

Hi Loraine,

No, you don't have to use cardboard in the neck of the doll. You will have to stuff the neck firmly without stretching it out of shape though. It is a very slim neck and if played with a lot the neck will lose its stuffing and the head will flop over. Some people use plastic drinking straws, two or three taped together and inserted into just the neck area. Best of luck!

Happy Grandma said...


I loved knitting dolls from you patterns so much that I have so far knitted 13 dolls. My granddaughter loves them and gives them all names and makes up stories about them - they are all related in one way or another.

I have used wooden dowels to stiffen the neck and sometimes plastic tubes which I have filled with stuffing to make them firm. I have adapted some of the patterns and used different wool for hair etc. to make them all different.

I have made a Green Man using your pattern, and two Goths - I didn't use your Goth heads because my 10 year old granddaughter found them a bit scary ( I did buy the Goth Book. I made younger dolls which are smaller than your smallest models. I would like to make a toddler but I'm not sure about the dimensions. Could you give me a guide on this, please.

I would be happy to send you pictures of the dolls. I think some of them look quite good - down to you because I am not a brilliant knitter. People have offered to buy them but I have only knitted for my granddaughter.

I used painted eyes for all but the Green Man - I bought some great glass eyes for him - he was a Christmas present for my daughter who likes the Green Man story.

Thank you so much for your fabulous books . They have given hours of pleasure to myself (knitting) and my Granddaughter , collecting the dolls.

Another question - Is their anything I can spray on the dolls to keep them clean ? The dolls with the wooden dowels inside cannot be washed . I think I might be able to wash those that have plastic tube. I have already sprayed them for moths.

I hope you can help me with the toddler. thank you again.

Happy Grandma.

Fiona McDonald said...

I'm so happy you have enjoyed my book. And I'm thrilled your granddaughter has such a large family of them.

I have a free pattern available on, a free knitting and crochet website. It might be under 123fionadolls but there is also a fan club run by the nicest ladies there are. The pattern is called Babe's little sister. Let me know when you find it. There is also a free pattern on my blog here. In January 2011, it is called a chibi girl. Also, you can contact me by email: I would love to see some photos.
Keep in touch.

Maria Alice Gomes Keller said...

Hi there!

I just purchased your book Babes in the wool. It's fab!

I was just wondering if you have pictures of the naked dolls somewhere, so that I can see the leg placement.

Thank you very much in advance!

Fiona McDonald said...

Hi Maria,

I don't have a photo of the leg placement but they are quite easy to place. Once the torso of the doll is sewn up and the legs are stuffed, take one leg and place it directly over the seam at the bottom of the torso, Pin it in place and then place the second one, pinning it in place too. Don't squash the legs flat though, let them keep their round shape. Now, before sewing, stand the doll upright to see if the legs look as though, if she were a real person, she'd stand up (she won't because she is soft and knitted). If you are happy with them, sew in place.

Alternatively, Do squash the tops of the legs flat and sew onto torso along the same seam as the torso seam. This will give a better sitting position and is more in keeping with a rag doll.
You can also go to and visit the fan club someone has set up for my dolls. The knitters there are full of amazing ideas.
Good luck!