Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spider child

Here is my little spider child. She is the daughter of the spider lady I made some time ago and who was featured on this blog last year I think. A teenage girl is the owner of both and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the latest spider baby who hasn't quite reached full term yet.


Beth said...

Oh my goodness, what a vision you have! She is quite lovely and (slightly) creepy at the same time :-)


Pyziulka said...

I've seen this photo as your ravelry avatar and was wondering what it is ;) Can't wait to see spider-baby. I think those creepy things are what teens like ;)

TheMarmaladeMonster said...

I love it!!
I just found your blog from the chibi doll on ravelry, and you're so talented!
Now I'm insipred to knit a bunch of dolls, haha!

Anonymous said...

super cool!!!....i love love her.I can't wait to see your next doll. :D ~Anne~