Saturday, March 12, 2011

I want a toy shop

I want to have a toy shop selling handmade toys. I want it to have a black and white chequered floor and those old fashioned windows with lots of small panes.

I want beautiful dolls and cars and dolls' houses and castles and knights and teddy bears and merry- go-rounds and robots and puzzles and wooden blocks and prams and tricycles and pedal cars and tea sets and softy monsters and dragons and glorious picture books and farm sets and Noah's arks and peg dolls and soldiers and mermaids and fairies and sock monkeys and space ships and rockets and ships and rocking horses.
I want it chock a block full of lovely things.


Beth said...

A delightful vision :-)


TheMarmaladeMonster said...

Well, you most definitely have the talent for it!
I hope you will be able to open up your own shop...just as I hope to one day open up my own bakery/cafe! :)


TheMarmaladeMonster said...

Thanks for the comments,
My mom said The Marmalade Monster would make people think of marmalade, haha!
What about The Flowering Sun?
It's not as funky, but I still think it's cool :p

Carol Vargas said...

Me too!!!! In fact, I'd like to live there!

Corvette Museum said...

Where did you find the picture on this blog post?

Fiona McDonald said...

This is an illustration I did a few years ago for a story written by my friend, author Sophie Masson. We have never published this one but it helped set up our own publishing house: Christmas Press Books.