Thursday, November 10, 2011

Long time etc...

I've had terrible trouble trying to blog over the last couple of months but thought it was time to try again.

What's been happening?
I'm working hard to finish my 1920s Britain book for Pen&Sword. As always the problem is leaving stuff out and not finding last minute new stuff that is so fascinating that you just have to put it in somewhere.

My PhD novel is quietly and slowly taking shape, mainly in my head and note books but it is getting a definite form.

I have a proposal for a graphic novel in with a publisher in New York, so fingers are crossed and double crossed.

And I'm going to the Comics Masterclass in Sydney next weekend, can't wait.

Below are some pictures of assemblages I made years and years ago. I dug them out recently.


Beth said...

Fiona, it is always a pleasure to read your posts; you have so many amazing interests! I love the dimensional nature of your picture collages; thank you for sharing them.

All the best!


Beth said...

Hi Fiona! Thanks so much for the encouraging words on my blog; your Wool Babes are on my short list to make :-) I have your Knitted Fairies book, and look forward to the Knitted Goth's being published in February.

I hope all is well with you; sounds like a very busy time, with the PhD work and everything else. Take care, and have a great Holy Day season.