Sunday, March 25, 2012

Novel Programme

This is my first  contribution to a blog on novel writing.

Here are two of my latest cloth dolls. I'm trying to distill the essence of a classic rag doll: simplicity, friendliness and personality. Next week a couple of them are going to the shop at NERAM (New England Regional Art Museum) to see whether anyone wants to buy them. I'm also sending a knitted goth doll and a knitted fairy doll and one lonely little Doiley Bird.

I would still dearly love my own toy shop with rooms out the back for giving workshops. Unfortunately commercial rent in Armidale is not affordable. Little shops open up and fold within 6 months because the rent is so high and they can never get ahead. It seems ridiculous in a town as small as ours to have so many empty shops.

Perhaps I will still get my virtual shop up and running in the near future.

I'm half way through my Babes in the Wool little sister, stayed tuned.

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Beth said...

Your cloth dolls are delightful, Fiona. They do distill the essence of rag dolls, sweet, simple, and huggable :-)

Since rent is so high, the idea of a virtual doll shop is a great one. Instead of workshops, you could offer online tutorials. And, of course, your wonderful dolls :-)

Have a great day!