Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Granny Fi's Toy Cupboard now on Facebook

Granny Fi's Toy Cupboard now on Facebook

We have now registered the business name Granny Fi's Toy Cupboard and set up a facebook page just for the shop. Follow the link and let us know what you think.


vinestreet said...

Hello from Utah,

I have your book Babes in the Wool. I searched and discovered Cleckheaton Country wool yarn has been discontinued. I am very new to knitting....can you recommend a similar brand to me to use for these dolls that is economical yet good?

Thank you,


Fiona McDonald said...

So sorry to take so long getting back to you. I would use any 8ply yarn (also called Double Knitting in the UK). You can use acrylic but the results are not so nice. Try to find a nice evenly spun yarn without too much fluff. It does not have to be expensive. The best I ever bought was a price brand yarn at a two dollar shop(one of those shops that sell all sorts of stuff very cheap). Otherwise try asking at the Fiona McDonald fan club on

all the best

vinestreet said...

Thank you kindly. And thank you for creating the book, as well! My daughters want me to knit one of every doll!


Jeanne said...

I realize I'm coming a little late to the game,but one of my favorite yarns for making fairies (for US knitters)is Wool of the Andes - worsted "Oyster Heather" from Knitpicks.

Happy knitting -
Jeanne Lawrence