Monday, December 8, 2014

Another pen drawing

The night before last I began another detailed pen drawing. I'm only working on this at night just before bed. It has Melusine in it again. I don't know where the narrative is going, but isn't that just like a novel?

What I would like to do is a huge pen drawing, perhaps next year.


Beth said...

I like your drawings; the are reminiscent of Edward Gorey :-)

Merry Christmas to you, Fiona! Thank you for being a friend, and sharing your talents with so many. Blessing for the year to come!



4thbear said...

Hello Fiona,
I love your drawings. I was inspired to check out your blog after completing one of your fairy designs. I look forward to your dragons! How exiting.

Best of luck with your music and all your design endeavors!

Barbara Benson, USA.