Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016! What will it bring?

Ahhhhhh! Last year was really difficult, financially and emotionally. My elderly mother is getting very frail and losing her memory.

But, this year the show has to, not only go on, but grow and succeed.

Let's start with a finished pen drawing.
This is a triptych called The Doll Maker's Wedding that I submitted a week or so ago into the Art Takes Manhattan competition.


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Beth said...

Fiona, I love your artwork, and hope to see more of it, and you, this year. It always tells a I want to read and read :-)

I know the emotional toil you are experiencing with your Mother; it is hard when a loved one is failing. You have the strength to match any hardship, and be there for her as long as it takes.

Thinking of you, with prayers and grace,