Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Dolls

This is a sneak preview at my latest dolls. These were designed with the desire to make a simple play doll that would appeal to the child and the adult. I have knitted the hair on two of them and the other two have sock hair. I'm thinking of calling them Doiley Birds because their clothes are made from recycled materials including doilies from the op shop.

I want them to have a wardrobe of clothes that can be ordered a piece at a time, accessories and a carry case.


Beth said...

They are delightful, Fiona!


Christi said...

They are cute. But how do you use socks to make doll hair?

svm said...

Love the clothing & accessories concept - the re-use & recycling idea fits nicely with the current trend that's seeing an increase in people buying goods from op-shops, tip shops & recycling centres. There's a whole movement around this down-sizing of consumption thing.
Did you see any of the Wool Fashion Awards designs this year? A few bold alternative designs.
Hope things are ticking along for you.

Fiona McDonald said...

Sock hair is no big secret. You cut off the toe end of a sock, not too short if you want longer locks. On the top of the toe cut out a part that will leave the toe and back of sock to frame the face like a wig. Now cut a fringe and cut the sock up the back to make the lengths of hair.