Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sculpture and puppets

Here is another experiment. This is a doll that is for a more grown up audience. I am looking at the cloth form as sculpture and also as puppetry. This poor girl is still waiting body parts and clothes and some beautiful, intricate tatoos.

Unfortunatley a couple of lovely comments about my other latest dolls got lost in the recent Blogger problem. I'd love those people to try to leave them again as all such things mean a lot to me and my humble blog. I also wanted to make a comment on the sock hair question.


Mary Ann said...

I didn't realize she was cloth at first. I thought she was paper clay or some such material. I had to enlarge the image:)Lovely face.

sylvia corteen said...

I cannot belive such a beautiful doll is cloth.She is wonderful!You are so gifted.Thank you for sharing her with us, I just love her.

Fiona McDonald said...

Thank you. I am trying to get some patterns together for cloth dolls too. Stay posted.

DandelionRoots said...

I love the hair on her.
I'm looking forward to seeing her with her intricate tattoos!