Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Toy Shop

So as you may know, Fiona is a busy woman. So busy in fact that she's had to outsource her blog to me. I'm not just a random person, I mean, I am fairly random, but I'm also her daughter, web manager and shop manager!
We're getting bigger and better all the time! Our shop Granny Fi's Toy Cupboard in Uralla is speeding along at an incredible rate!
Just look at the special order of a bride and groom jackal she did last week!
Because we're so busy, I've also taken over dragon production and window displays. 
We're working on a website, although my technical skills are being sorely tested, hopefully by early next year we'll have a fully functioning website for you to buy from!
Fiona, aka Granny Fi, is working away on two books at the moment 'Fairy Gardens 101' and illustrating 'Two Selkie Stories from Scotland' by Kate Forsyth, to be released next year.
Busy, busy, busy!
Lots of love,
Beattie-the-daughter xoxo


RocketKnit said...

I have no idea how she fits it all in!

RocketKnit said...
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Vickie Cox said...

Love the Santa window display with the dragons instead of reindeer!

Sue Niven said...

Being busy must be a good thing! Love the pictures, and all the best to you both.

Beth said...

Dragon-maker, daughter, and webmaster! Nothing like having a multi-tasking daughter to help out :-) I've been a fan of Fiona's for many years, and I'm always happy to see a post on her blog. Looking forward to browsing her website and discovering all the treasures there.

Happy Holydays to you and your Mom!


Fiona McDonald said...

Thanks everyone! Fiona is sooooo busy, but she sends her love to you all and promises to write the blog herself sometime soon! xoxo